Thursday, January 17, 2013

The test

For the TOT project we already made a lot of tests concerning style,which won'´t be uploaded for now  to avoid spoilers.

Yet, using the blog of Ask baby D, we ran this one test to try some techniques that brought interesting conclussions, like avoiding to make the eyelashes inking in Illustrator.

The thickness and centering of the frames is to review as well.  The shading works, but the projected shadows need to be worked beyond this point.

IF you spot any mistake on this, your review will be most welcome.

Friday, January 11, 2013


Hello There!

Fiu!! it is been a long time since I last updated the blog.

Well, the TOT project is progressing, only slower than I first calculated. The reason for this is a decrease on the pace of the artists, since we were extenuated, and we had schedules to care for.

On the bright side, the project progresses. We have done the mandatory color and ink tests to specify the technique we would use through all the comic.

We tried a test page, and inked it on SAI (semi vectorial), classically (with chinese Ink and pen), and with Illustrator, being the last one the most effective method.

We also tried different color techniques, and we are awainting some answers from a consultant, to determine the last detail about the technique.

Although we have 3 pages ready and 6 tests.. we have decided not to post the content until the release of the comic. However, I will be posting some design work soon.



Sunday, December 16, 2012

Phase 1 complete!

Hello There everypony!

I am proud to announce that Phase 1 has been complete, and Phase 2 has started. We have very nice script for the comic, formated as a regular Screenplay document. The script will be posted and shared once the comic is published.

The great  :iconequestria-prevails:   is working with me in some designs, while :iconstepandy: and I are starting to sketch some pages (we have three already)

We are gonna make some tests for color, Which we will probably share next week of one of the panels. To keep record of the process.

There is much to be done and tested... Inking, color, style, design... this is the long part of the preproduction. Once we will get all this done, we will gofast as a rocket.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Drawing team! preparing for Phase 2.

HI There again!

Phase 1 of the "Tower of Time" project is about to be completed, so we are entering phase 2,  sketch and design.

You can check the official BLOG here.

I am very proud to announce the names of the drawing team:

:iconanima-dos: directing and drawing directly with Stepi

:iconstepandy: professional  published Italian comic arist.  Well formed in comics, in digital and classic media in the Italian comic academy.

and :iconequestria-prevails:   a great artist, well known in the Brony community, with an impecable draftmanship  and a unique feeling that come from his works.

There might be a surprise fourth member, but no confirmation has been received yet, so I won-t spoil the mystery.

I want to look a bit forward on the project and complete the crew list ASAP.

WE NEED DIGITAL INKING ARTISTS ON BOARD. The Inking team will receive  a demo video  that will explain the procedure , with specific instructions given by Stepanda, and recorded by me.  The inking will start in about 10 days from now.

If you are great at cleaning up, and you want to join the team, please, send me an email to with a couple of sample of your work.

We also are looking for a COLOR artist that will work directly with me. The color arist will receive an exclusive set of tools crafted by myself to accelerate the process, and probably a demo video as well, to learn how to use them.

Remember that this project is for educational purposes only  (for the teammembers) and non profit will be ever made from it.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Phase 1, Script

Hello there Everypony. Spirit reporting on duty.

The "Tower of Time " project has begun!

The crew for the first phase is assembled, and what a crew we have!

The objective of this phase is to make a high quality script for our comic, just like it was done for the official Hasbro one.

So, I proudly present you the four Team Members:

Spirit. Writer of the first pass, manager of the writing team.


Starimo has years of experience in fanfic writting. Her stories are  balanced and well crafted. She has full knowledge of every MLP detail that has to be known.


Stardragon is a professional writer, and has exepertise in the fandom of Dr. Who. 


BA in English, and formed in professional screenplay writting.  She will make the final review of the script, to ensure that is ready to go to the drawing team.

I calculate phase 1 will be over in about two days from now. Let's hope for the best, and work for the rest!

Tower of Time, a MLP Community project

Welcome to the "Tower of Time" Project blog.

"Tower of Time" is a MLP community project. The objective is achieve a standard format 22 page comic in rĂ©cord time.  The team members will collaborate in a professional environment, producing a  high quality comic for over three weeks.

This project will serve each member to gain  valuable experience in professional comic creation. The comic will be ultimately published in this very blog for the recreation of the community, and no profit will be made by any team member from this experience.

The project is divided in three phases:

Phase 1. Scripting

Phase 2. Comic Boarding (Disctribution)

Pase 3. Cleaning and coloring.

For each phase, a small crew will be aseembled, and it will be directed by Spirit and Lion, creators of "Children of the Night".