Saturday, December 15, 2012

Drawing team! preparing for Phase 2.

HI There again!

Phase 1 of the "Tower of Time" project is about to be completed, so we are entering phase 2,  sketch and design.

You can check the official BLOG here.

I am very proud to announce the names of the drawing team:

:iconanima-dos: directing and drawing directly with Stepi

:iconstepandy: professional  published Italian comic arist.  Well formed in comics, in digital and classic media in the Italian comic academy.

and :iconequestria-prevails:   a great artist, well known in the Brony community, with an impecable draftmanship  and a unique feeling that come from his works.

There might be a surprise fourth member, but no confirmation has been received yet, so I won-t spoil the mystery.

I want to look a bit forward on the project and complete the crew list ASAP.

WE NEED DIGITAL INKING ARTISTS ON BOARD. The Inking team will receive  a demo video  that will explain the procedure , with specific instructions given by Stepanda, and recorded by me.  The inking will start in about 10 days from now.

If you are great at cleaning up, and you want to join the team, please, send me an email to with a couple of sample of your work.

We also are looking for a COLOR artist that will work directly with me. The color arist will receive an exclusive set of tools crafted by myself to accelerate the process, and probably a demo video as well, to learn how to use them.

Remember that this project is for educational purposes only  (for the teammembers) and non profit will be ever made from it.

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